Gentle Professional Cleaning

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A Complete Guide to our Professional Teeth Cleanings

Below you will find what our professional teeth cleanings entail.

Regular Cleanings vs. Dental Cleanings

Traditional methods of brushing, flossing and scrubbing cannot fight the germs and bacteria of today. It is highly important that you go to a dental office to get your teeth cleaned, or all of the bacteria might cause problems later on.  

There are three steps:

Polishing: When your teeth are power brushed with a grainy paste to remove surface stains.

Scaling:  When special tools are used to remove tartar build up from your gums.

Flossing: When all the debris stuck between your teeth is removed.

Our dentist recommends a professional teeth cleaning every six months. However, if the condition of your teeth demands extra care and attention, our dentist will talk to you about the number of sessions needed to get your problem resolved.

Importance of Professional Teeth Cleanings

The process of teeth cleaning involves the maintenance of oral hygiene. This is done by removing plaque and providing protection against cavities, gingivitis and periodontal disease. Some people resort to household remedies and basic routine methods of teeth cleaning without feeling the need to go to a dental office. It is important to stress that teeth-cleaning is not only essential for healthy teeth, but also for the health of the entire body.  

Teeth-cleaning is a significant element of your dental health, because it holds the potential to prevent serious health risks such as diabetes, dementia, and also cardiovascular disease.

Benefits of Teeth Cleaning

There are innumerable benefits of getting your professional teeth cleaning done regularly. The benefits will be reflected in your life, health, and other phases of your life. These include:

Healthy Teeth and Gums

Visiting a dental office for dental cleanings can save you a lot of time and trouble. Gum disease can easily become serious and have an adverse effect on your health. Regular teeth-cleanings also kill the bacteria that causes bad breath.

Dental Health Education

When you regularly visit the dentist office, you can keep your dental health maintained. You might even learn how to better maintain your teeth by observing dental tools and equipment and inquiring our dentist about their use.


Regular appointments with our dentist will save you money by preventing the development of dental issues that may turn into expensive treatments. in Bullhead City, Arizona has a dedicated team of professionals on board to evaluate all of your dental needs. A good oral health has a great impact on your overall health. If you have any questions regarding our services or would like to come in for a consultation and quote, contact us today to schedule an appointment.